Secrets of Being a Successful Real Estate Agent 

A career in real estate is one of the most difficult careers. There are many risks to take and challenges to encounter. It is difficult business to penetrate, especially if you’re a newbie. Most of them never last two years because of expenses and income which are two deadly combinations. There is a high expectation for income and letting down deals because of it is one of the reasons why some agents fail. You will hear success stories in this field like what David Emami Lake Oswego have done. 

David Emami started as a real estate agent at the age of 21. He had high expectations of becoming successful in the business right away, and he admitted that it’s one of his pitfalls. Even though he’s a big name on the industry now, it took him half a decade to build that name. The following are the secrets he shared with us in becoming a successful new real estate agent.

1. You Don’t Have to be Super Good at Sales 

In the real estate business, you don’t really have to become a sales person to succeed. David Emami wasn’t one; he admitted that he’s not the best at sales even before he started until he’s successful. Being great at sales is a big bonus but not a requirement. You can present yourself in many ways and handle the business that separates your image from the typical pushy real estate agent we normally see.  

2.Think Small Before Acting Big 

Don’t get this advice wrong. David Emami said that thinking small doesn’t mean that you don’t plan for success and growth. As an independent contractor like David, it’s better to understand your status first then you set up the business practice. Before you act big on your deals, think about the small details first so you can market your business well.  

3. Develop a Business Plan 

As a newbie in real estate, it’s pretty exciting especially if it’s your dreams. However, according to David Emami, the long term success depends on a lot of things. Developing a business plan is one of the most important parts of becoming a successful real estate agent. The job is exciting but you should also don’t forget to do business planning and budgeting tasks.  

4. Develop a Budget 

Do not underestimate the power of budget. A real estate career will cover your agent expenses and personal living costs. Before you embark on the bigger journey, develop a detailed budget and don’t forget anything. Plan your personal costs first, including small costs before you plan for the business budget.  

David Emami became successful in the field of real estate because he did the tips he shared with us. His technique also helped a lot of new agents who struggled with getting clients and making it through this difficult business. Selling properties and talking to people from time to time will take energy, money and time so you should be prepared for it.